How to Perform an Underhand Serve in Volleyball – Lesson 4

In this video Pakmen Volleyball Club coach Jessy Satti talks about some key components to the underhand serve. He starts the video talking about the important of foot position, feet should be shoulder width apart in an L shape. Right handed athletes should have their left foot forward, and right foot back facing the side (left handed servers do ... More

How to Perform a Forearm Pass in Volleyball – Lesson 2

In this video Pakmen Volleyball coach Jessy Satti talks about some key components to the forearm pass. He notes that it is important to move your feet to the ball, and keep your hips back and arms locked out in front before making contact. In order to make a good bump, the pre bump contact position is very important. Coach Jessy talks about ... More

Volleyball Tips for Successful Blocking

by Pakmen Volleyball Research Staff A blocker plays a very important role in volleyball team’s defence and there is no question about this. The main responsibility of a volleyball blocker is to resist an opponent’s attack. It’s not easy to be a good blocker. In fact, blocking is more than jumping up and keeping your hands up in the air. ... More

Fast track your skills with Gettn' Better Pakmen Volleyball

Fast track your skills with Gettn’ Better

Volleyball is a sport which requires thousands of hours of practice. Individual skills cannot be developed and mastered without learning the proper techniques and having consistent descriptive feedback. Gettn' Better is a skills based volleyball program where players get hundreds of quality touches in each session.Think about that for a ... More

Pakmen volleyball libero huddling with volleyball team

Libero Volleyball Tips

Libero is a volleyball player who plays a very important role on the court. Libero occupies a back row position on the court and he/she is responsible for defence. It’s fair to say that the job of a libero is all about receiving serves, digging hits and making passes. In fact, being a libero is not easy. A digger should aim to dig successfu... More

Agility Exercises for Volleyball Players

Agility plays a big role in many different types of sports and, of course, the sport of volleyball is no exception. That means that volleyball players need to focus on improving their agility. All of this means that agility exercises need to be a part of volleyball training program. Actually, agility exercises can be done in many different ... More

Volleyball Players stretching

Benefits of Yoga for Volleyball Players

A lot of athletes choose to use yoga as a part of their training program. Some volleyball players also do yoga. What is great about yoga is that this type of physical activity helps athletes relax after volleyball games and practices. The reality is yoga stretches also make it possible for athletes to recover after injuries much faster. Doing yoga ... More

Jump Training for Volleyball Players

A volleyball player has to jump many times during a game. According to the statistics, on average a volleyball player jumps 80 – 100 times during a match. The statistics also says that a volleyball player has to jump 4 – 5 times to earn a point for his/her team. It goes without saying that having a high vertical jump is incredibly important ... More

Volleyball Players stretching

Core Training for Volleyball Players

Doing volleyball exercises for core strength is all about strengthening abs, obliques as well as muscles that support the spine. Core training is incredibly important for many different kinds of sports and the sport of volleyball is no exception. Every volleyball player must have a strong core and there is no question about this. That’s why ... More

3 Volleyball Specific Warm up Exercises

It is commonly known that you need to replace the oil in your car. If you don’t change the oil, the gears start grinding and the car begins to deteriorate. Warming up before volleyball is much the same. If you do not warm up well, the gears (your joints) will be grinding away and your body will beak down over time. A good warm up includes ... More