Prevention of Volleyball Injuries

Volleyball is a fairly safe non-contact sport. However, it still involves a high amount of training, with intense explosive movements, which puts athletes at risk for overuse and acute injuries. Roughly 20% of volleyball players will suffer an injury at some point in their career. Luckily, the three most common injuries can be prevented with ... More

How to Prevent Volleyball Injuries

There is no question that injuries are a big problem for every athlete. When volleyball players get injured they often need to take a break from training. Clearly, injured volleyball players can’t participate in matches as well. It may take a volleyball player weeks (or even months) to recover from injuries. Obviously, injuries negatively affect ... More

Balance Training for Volleyball

As you probably know, there are different types of volleyball training. Today, we would like to tell you about balance training for volleyball. First of all, we’ll highlight the importance of balance training for a volleyball player. We’ll also recommend you some of volleyball exercises to do for better body balance. Moreover, we’ll give you ... More

Pakmen Volleyball training exercises

Volleyball Drills for Hitting/Attacking/Spiking

In the game of volleyball an attack (or spike) is performed to send the ball over the net to the opponent’s side of the court. The main goal of an attacker is to land the ball on the opposite’s side of the playing court. In order to make an attack successful the ball has to be hit with great force. It goes without saying that players who ... More

The Importance of Active Stretching During Warm Up

Needless to say that warm up activities plays a key role in volleyball as well as many other sports. The warm up period provides a volleyball player with the perfect opportunity to prepare his/her body either for the match or training classes properly. Obviously, every volleyball player should warm up well prior to practice and game. It’s no ... More

Volleyball Drills for Blocking

The defense of a team significantly depends on the ability of its players to block the attacks during the game. That means that every volleyball team must have good volleyball blockers. Special attention should be paid to the preparation of blockers as well. For improving the defense of the volleyball team coaches have to focus on teaching their ... More

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Volleyball Drills for Libero

Liberos are very important players in the volleyball team. Like setters, defensive specialists and other players a libero has a lot of responsibilities during the game of volleyball. Obviously, liberos must be very fast on the volleyball court. Moreover, liberos must have good reaction and make decisions very quickly. It is worth saying that ... More

Pakmen Volleyball Setter

Volleyball Drills for the Setter

A setter plays a big role in the game of volleyball. This player holds one of the most important and hardest team’s positions. The help of a setter is immeasurable during the game of volleyball. A setter is known as a volleyball player who has multiple responsibilities during the game. Setter’s responsibilities include the following: ... More

Volleyball Pakmen girls team celebrating

Different Positions of Players in Indoor Volleyball and Their Roles on the Court

In the sport of indoor volleyball each team consists of six players. It is also important to know that each of team’s players occupies certain position on the court and has his/her roles in the court. Each part of the court is divided by the central line into two rows. So, there are front row and back row. There are six positions on the playing ... More

Working out for Volleyball

At Home Workouts and Drills for Indoor Volleyball

If you don’t have an opportunity to visit a volleyball court and join the team – don’t get into despair. Keep in mind that you can also develop and improve your volleyball skills outside the gym. There are a lot of great volleyball workouts and drills which you can easily do at home. Today, we are going to tell you about at home volleyb... More