How to Perform an Underhand Serve in Volleyball – Lesson 4

In this video Pakmen Volleyball Club coach Jessy Satti talks about some key components to the underhand serve. He starts the video talking about the important of foot position, feet should be shoulder width apart in an L shape. Right handed athletes should have their left foot forward, and right foot back facing the side (left handed servers do ... More

Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results

By Kelly Smith One of the keys for success in volleyball, and life itself, is the ability to build good habits and break bad ones. In his New York Times Bestseller, Atomic Habits, author James Clear shows the reader exactly how to do that. Moreover, he makes a compelling case as to why tiny changes can make a big difference. Author Clear ... More

Girls volleyball players practicing with their coach

Effective Learning in Volleyball

By Alexander Ketrzynski In his book, "The Talent Code," Daniel Coyle contends that almost anyone can attain talent through the right combination of practice, motivation and coaching. Coyle points to scientific research, which indicates that talent development is a matter of bringing about physiological changes. Repetition over a long period ... More

Boys Volleyball is the fastest growing Sport in North America

Boys Volleyball is the fastest growing Sport in North America

The popularity of boys volleyball has been growing like no other sport throughout North America over the past decade, up 29% in US high schools and 79% in NCCA sport programs. Boys volleyball and volleyball in general continues to grow in Ontario where it has replaced soccer as the choice sport in elementary school house league/intramural ... More

3 Best Steps to Learn Volleyball

You've thought about it for a while - I should get my kid enrolled in volleyball so they can learn a sport they can enjoy for life. Volleyball is a game like no other. It is relatively safe to play, it provides great exercise, it encourages teamwork, co-operation, communication, and goal-setting, among many other things. Studies have shown that ... More

Milton is Home of the Nationally Acclaimed Pakmen Volleyball Club

Does your son or daughter want to play volleyball? Did you know that Milton, Ontario is home of the nationally acclaimed Pakmen Volleyball Club? Pakmen offers a variety of volleyball programs for boys and girls, 6 to 18 years old, of all skill levels. For children in grades 1 to 4, Pakmen offers the Spikes learn-to-play program and the Parent ... More

Join Pakmen’s New Affiliate Program and Earn Money with Us

Do you love volleyball as much as us? If you answered yes, then you're a perfect match for our affiliate program. Pakmen's new affiliate program is open and we're accepting a limited amount of registrations to test it out. We're looking for local bloggers or personalities that would love to spread the word about Pakmen in the GTA. If you ... More

What Can You Learn by Playing Volleyball?

By Pakmen Research Staff The game of volleyball is a unique, interesting, enjoyable, challenging and very versatile. Volleyball is a sport like no other. Athletes can learn a lot by playing the game of volleyball. In fact, you can acquire different values by playing the game of volleyball. If you are about to begin your journey to the sport ... More

Volleyball game at practice

Volleyball for high school aged players growing in Brampton

Last year the Pakmen Volleyball Club started to offer volleyball for high school aged players on Saturdays at Aylesbury P.S.. A small but dedicated group of players joined and enjoyed their experience so much, they told their friend and it keep growing to the point where it sold out. This winter, Pakmen is expanding programs for high school ... More

Serving up some Education on Volleyball and Concussions

Serving up some Education on Volleyball and Concussions

Concussion education and prevention strategies generally focuses on athletes who play high risk sports such as football and hockey. However, recent studies show even non-contact sports, such as volleyball are seeing a rise in concussions. What are the most common ways volleyball players get concussed? How can we prevent them? What should you do if ... More