Keeping Teammates Accountable

By Alexander Ketrzynski I've lost track, but in my sixteen-plus years of playing volleyball, including, one year of being on an Olympic team, I've only played on two or three exceptional teams which truly reached their full potential. I've also assisted only a few teams which, I thought, reached their full potential. Win or lose, my participa... More

Iceland coach Heimir Hallgrimsson

With a Coach Who Pulls Teeth to Relax, Iceland Becomes a Contender

By Alexander Ketrzynski In her article for the New York Times, entitled, "With a Coach Who Pulls Teeth to Relax, Iceland Becomes a Contender," Sarah Lyall writes about Heimir Hallgrimsson, who coached Iceland, the smallest country ever to qualify for the World Cup of soccer. Hallgrimsson's team achieved an astounding finish of having reached ... More

It’s Not the Drills

By Alexander Ketrzynski BJ LeRoy contributed an article, “It’s Not the Drills,” to John Kessel's Growing the Game blog. In it he observes that many coaches are always on the lookout for the special drill that will solve their problems. LeRoy states, “It’s not the drills.” “There is no magic.” The top coaches, in fact, use ... More

Girls volleyball players practicing with their coach

How to Make Drills That Work For Your Team

By Alexander Ketrzynski Tom Tait is recognized as the founding father of both the men’s and women’s Penn State volleyball programs. His article, “How to Make Drills That Work For Your Team,” provides great advice for coaches looking to improve their teams by finding the perfect drills to do the job. Coach Tait points out that since ... More

Boys volleyball players practicing to hit a ball

How Long Should You Practice?

By Alexander Ketrzynski Mark Lebedew makes some valuable observations for coaches in his blog post, "How Long Should You Practice?" Lebedew states that most coaches "want to train more" and they feel that "training is the the solution to all preformance problems." As junior club coaches we yearn for more time with our players, but we are ... More

Volleyball game at practice

My Team Just Lost Badly – What Next?

By Alexander Ketrzynski In his article, "My Team Just Lost Badly - What Next?," John Kessel asks the question, “Why do coaches break the trust of a team in knowing that your players are not performing poorly on purpose, and then bailing out on their role as a teacher?” Kessel believes “variance” or the nature of the game, as being prone ... More

Leonard Krapp Coaching Volleyball to his players

Tips to Coaching Volleyball

By Prateek Yadav Pakmen Coach Russ Rose is a household name when it comes to the world of volleyball. Recently, he lead the Penn State volleyball program to a record-breaking seventh NCAA D1 Women’s Championship. Rose is one of the founding members of The Art of Coaching Volleyball and is articulate in presenting the principles he has ... More

Using your athletes best – School Volleyball

By Prateek Yadav Pakmen Coach Russ Rose has been in the volleyball loop for quite some time, which has made his experiences and philosophies crucial to help the new generation of coaches to succeed. Rose is the head coach of Penn State's women’s team with whom he has won countless championships and individual distinctions. He is also fairly ... More